I am a professional Mariner living in Houston and working all over the world.  I caught the bug after sailing around the world on a tallship when I was 18.  From there I went off to Nautical College and obtained my Watchkeeping Mate license.  I’ve worked offshore ever since and worked my way through the ranks to the position of Captain, sailing primarily on offshore construction vessels.

As a kid I would fill my text books with drawings and doodles, getting in trouble for this more than once!  I was known for funny cartoons I would leave on the chalkboard before class.  I was always encouraged by my family but never made it much past the cartooning stage.

Eventually I left drawing behind and moved on with life – going to school, starting a career, getting married, having kids…  Then one day I chanced upon a video by Chris Lonsdale about learning languages of all things.

In it he casually mentions (around the 5 minute mark) how he learned to draw in 5 days, and showcases some impressive before and afters to prove it.  A quick search found that the technique comes from the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards.

My interest was peaked and I ordered the book that same day.  And as I worked through the exercises my drawing began to rapidly improve.

From there I began to read everything I could get my hands on and start branching out artistically.  I came across the Urban Sketchers movement which, being that I travel so much, really appealed to me.  I started venturing out into the world with my sketchbook and drawing on location.

A key premise of urban sketching is to share your drawings with the world which is what this website is for.  I am drawing every day and posting what I draw, no matter how shitty it may be.  Some sketches are from real life “on the scene” and others are exercises I’m working on from books I’m reading.

Most of my drawing is done in isolation but my next goal is to start connecting with other artists and do some sketch walks as well as live figure drawing.

I welcome all feedback and look forward to hearing from you!