The Journey of 1,000 Miles…

by sharp21

…has to start somewhere!

As mentioned in the About section, I am a life long doodler.  And I’ve always been reasonably good.

But in the back of my mind it has also been a a crutch; an excuse to not do the best work possible.  Make it funny and laugh it off but don’t apply the full weight of skill and concentration.

“Drawing From the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards was my first step on the path towards applying myself to drawing.

The beginning of the book has a few exercises to complete, in order to gauge your current skill level and to act as an indicator of progress.  Here are my initial Hand and Self Portraits (be gentle!).

Note the date.  New years resolution anyone?

Right Side - Hand - Before

Completed just a few days later:

Right Side - Head - Before

I didn’t actually work my way through the entire book in 5 days – that claim is for one of their 8hr/day courses.  So the follow up drawings took a little while to get done.  But they did get done:

I neglected to date this one but it was my first time working with toned paper, which I quite enjoyed:

RIght Side - Hand - After

Definitely better and I’m sure my wife would agree that I captured the nose size perfectly!

Right Side - Head - After

And that is what a few months of practice can do.  Since then I have been encouraged to draw even more and have been doing at least one sketch per day.  It is the cumulative practice over time that builds up to a noticeable change.

To be honest I haven’t yet finished all the exercises in Right Side yet.  I’ll focus on finishing the last chapter this weekend.